The sedimentation and petrography of Zechstein and lowermost Triassic deposits in the vicinity of Kochanów (Intra-Sudetic Trough)

Stanisław Lorenc, Jerzy Mroczkowski


The Zechstein and Lower Triassic rocks in the northern part of the Intra-Sudetic trough are represented by the clastic--carbonate deposits which pass upwards to the elastics. In the vicinity of Kochanów, these deposits display a four-member structure. The environment was changed from coastal and/or lagoonal (members A, B, C) to non-marine one (member D) during the sedimentation of rocks of this sequence. The boundary between the Zechstein and the Triassic has been established by the authors between the members C and D - in the place where the discussed deposits display a marked change of environment. This change relied likely upon the climatic variations and/or intensification of diastrophic movements.


sudetic sedimentation and petrography

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