The significance of Devonian conodont faunas for the stratigraphy of epi-metamorphic rocks of north-eastern part of the Góry Kaczawskie

Zdzisław Urbanek


The stratigraphy of Devonian rocks of the northern part of the Góry Kaczawskie was recognized through conodont studies. The presence of Emsian, Eifelian, Frasnian and Famennian stages is evidenced by conodont fauna. This dating led to the revision of prior stratigraphic scheme and opinions on the age of folding and metamorphism in the Góry Kaczawskie. 26 species of platform conodonts belonging to 8 genera, were recorded. The paleontological chapter of the present paper discussed 7 stratigraphically important species placed here in open nomenclature.

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