Powstanie i rozwój serii węgla brunatnego w polskiej części niecki żytawskiej

Janusz Bieniewski


On the basis of numerous borehole data, the facial development, thickness and stratigraphy of the Tertiary brown coal series from the Polish part of the Żytawa basin are reported. The Żytawa basin is a tectonic depression structure transected by many dislocations. Its formation is contemporaneous with that of the Tertiary continental brown coal deposits which have a considerable thickness and are of great economic value. The brown coal deposits display strong facial variability, the substratum of the Tertiary deposits a greatly varied morphology. The complex structure of the Żytawa basin owes its intricacy to the dislocations which accompanied and conspicuously affected its sedimentation. Within the various parts of the sedimentary basin several phases have been distinguished in the formation of the dislocations responsible for changes in the conditions of deposition. These observations have facilitated the study of the local lithological stratigraphy, while palaeobotanical data have allowed the writer to present a new picture of the Tertiary palaeogeographic conditions in the Żytawa basin.

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