A review of Rb-Sr isotope patterns in the Carboniferous granitoids of the Sudetes in SW Poland

Pádhraig S. Kennan, Helena Dziedzic, Marek W. Lorenc, Michał P Mierzejewski


Carboniferous granite intrusions are a relatively uncontroversial element in the geological history of the Sudetes in SW Poland. The Sr-isotope systems in these granites show geological scatter indicative of contamination by crustal rock, failure to homogenise during intrusion/crystallisation and inheritance from source. Rb-Sr ages are thus somewhat compromised and imprecise. The granites originated from a relatively primitive source that underlay much of the region in Carboniferous times.


Sudetes, Variscan granites, Rb-Sr ages, Sr-isotope systems, magma source.

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