The granitoids of the Lipowe Hills (Fore-Sudetic Block) and their relationship to the Strzelin granites

Teresa Oberc-Dziedzic, Christian Pin


Muscovite-biotite granites, medium-grained biotite tonalites and fine-grained granodiorites from three boreholes situated in the middle part of the Lipowe Hills were characterized. It was found that the muscovite-biotite granites from the boreholes correspond to the Górka Sobocka granite known from the northern part of the Lipowe Hills. This granite was in turn compared to the light coloured granitoids, the so-called Gębczyce and Biały Kościół granites, from the Strzelin crystalline massif. The age link between the muscovite-biotite granites from the Lipowe Hills crystalline complex and those from the Strzelin massif was confirmed by the result of the whole-rock Rb-Sr analyse of a muscovite-biotite granite sample collected in the Górka Sobocka quarry. This result plots on the isochron obtained previously for the muscovite-biotite granites from the Strzelin and Gębczyce quarries at ca 330 Ma, with an initial 87Sr/86Sr ratio of 0.7055.


Fore-Sudetic Block, Lipowe Hills crystalline complex, Variscan granitoids, Rb/Sr dating

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