The problem of „diastrophic” blocks in the marginal parts of the Late Cretaceous Nysa Kłodzka graben, the Sudetes, SW Poland

Jerzy Don


In the marginal parts of the Nysa Kłodzka graben, the presence of „diastrophic” blocks sliding from the frames of the developing morphological depression were distinguished with the use of radar and remote sensing (J. Šebesta in: Batik et al., 1996). The results of mapping and structural observations in the field surprisingly point to the subhorizontal displacement of Cretaceous beds to the outside of the graben, i.e. in the opposite direction to the slide of „diastrophic” blocks suggested by J. Šebesta. The process of subhorizontal overlapping of the Cretaceous beds onto the metamorphic framework may be related to the bursting action of the sediments filling the Nysa Kłodzka graben during the process of subsidence and their squeezing in a wedge-like style into the graben, which narrowed with depth (subhorizontal extensional faults).


tectonics, crystalline basement, fault, thrust, mapping, sedimentary cover.

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