The boundary zone of the East and West Sudetes on the 1:50 000 scale geological map of the Velké Vrbno, Staré Město and Śnieżnik Metamorphic Units

Jerzy Don, Jaroslav Skácel, Roman Gotowała


The results of field investigations carried out by the authors were used together with existing Czech and Polish cartographic publications to compile a digital geological map (1:50 000) of the boundary zone of the East and West Sudetes. This map is supplemented with a text presenting a tectonic interpretation of the cartographic picture, preceded by a brief description of all 61 of the lithostratigraphic units of the area. Apart from this printed version, the map has also been published as a digital version on CD for the first time. The map covers an area of 1875 km2, in which three entire regional geological units occur: the Velké Vrbno dome and the Śnieżnik metamorphic unit, divided by the relatively narrow Staré Město paleorift zone, which is meridionally-stretched along a 55-kilometre long section. The Keprnik and the Vidnava domes, the Zábřeh crystalline unit, and the upper Cretaceous Nysa Kłodzka graben are all partially included in the map.
The authors experienced major difficulties regarding the correlation of lithostratigraphic units to tectonic structures interpreted in a different way; this mainly concerned those lying on opposite sides of the international border. Thus the awareness exists that necessary, although sometimes arbitrary and subjective solutions may not be upheld by the results of future investigations. The digital version of the map should facilitate the supplementation of its contents and should enable a direct correction of the present picture in the course of such future investigations.


tectonics, paleorift zone, Caledonian orogeny, Variscan orogeny, Middle-Variscan Crystalline Rise, digital map, mineral deposits.

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