Fluvial sedimentation of sandy deposits of the Słupiec Formation (Middle Rotliegendes) near Nowa Ruda (Intra-Sudetic Basin, SW Poland)

Leszek Kurowski


The sandy sediments described in this paper are the lower, approximately 400-meter-thick part of the Słupiec Formation, which is part of lower Permian clastic deposits in the Intra-Sudetic Basin. At their base, the sandy deposits of the Słupiec Formation are bounded by fine-grained lacustrine sediments known as the Upper Anthracosia Shale (Krajanów Formation); upwards, they pass into the Walchia Shale (the upper part of the Słupiec Formation), also regarded to be of lacustrine origin. These sandstones consist chiefly of sublithic to subarkosic arenites and wackes. In places, polymictic conglomerates and fine-grained sediments, and also sublithic to subarkosic mudstones occur. These sediments form a structurally varied facies assembly, presumably fluvial in origin. An analysis of the vertical sequence of lithofacies revealed a distinct tendency towards the formation of simple cyclical sequences with the grain fining upwards and with a distinctly expressed asymmetry in favour of 'high-energy' medium- and coarse-grained facies. The oscillation tendency was marked only in 'low-energy' fine facies, which are sparsely represented in the sequence. The paleochannel analysis yielded results compatible with the outcome of the lithofacies analysis. The paleochannels are very shallow in relation to their width, and have a planar, erosional bottom configuration, and in places a terrace bank morphology. The fluvial system features described here may indicate a terminal fan environment as the possible depositional location place of the Słupiec Formation sandy sediments. The source areas were located at the S and SE margins of the Intra-Sudetic Basin, and the flow was towards the W and NW towards its centre, to shallow inland basins, probably of a playa type. The red colour of the sediments may be indicative of arid or semi-arid climatic conditions in this environment during the Middle Rotliegendes .

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