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Bodzioch, Adam

  • Vol 91, No 4 (2021) - Articles
    Aetosaur pes from the Upper Triassic of Krasiejów (Poland), with remarks on taxonomy of isolated bones
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  • Vol 55, No 1-2 (1985) - Articles
    Palaeoecology and sedimentary environment of the Terebratula Beds (Lower Muschelkalk) from Upper Silesia (South Poland)
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  • Vol 62, No 3-4 (1992) - Articles
    Sedimentation and early diagenesis of the cavernous limestone (Röth) of Gogolin, Silesia-Kraków region, Poland
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  • Vol 59, No 3-4 (1989) - Articles
    Biostratinomy and sedimentary environment of the echinoderm-sponge biostromes in the Karchowice Beds, Middle Triassic of Upper Silesia
    Abstract  PDF
  • Vol 89, No 3 (2019) - Articles
    Preliminary report on the microvertebrate faunal remains from the Late Triassic locality at Krasiejów, SW Poland
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