Integrated geophysical data for sweet spot identification in Baltic Basin, Poland

Kamil Cichostępski, Anna Kwietniak, Jerzy Dec, Monika Kasperska, Kaja Pietsch


In the paper, the authors present the results of seismic reservoir characterization of shale gas deposits of the Lower Silurian and Ordovician (Sasino Formation and Jantar Formation), which are localized within the onshore part of the Baltic Basin, N Poland. For this purpose, acoustic inversion of seismic data and petrophysical analysis of well-log data were incorporated. The new approach that the authors used for acoustic inversion was the resolution enhancement algorithm, known as spectral blueing, before proceeding with the acoustic inversion process. The spectral blueing procedure enhances the seismic spectrum by weighting it with the well reflectivity spectrum. The resulting enhanced seismic volume manifests itself in higher energies of the high frequency component, while keeping the frequency range constant. With the results of acoustic inversion after the spectral blueing procedure, the authors were able to define two more potential exploration sites within the Ordovician deposits.

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