Serpukhovian (Early Carboniferous) Rugosa (Anthozoa) from the Lublin Basin, eastern Poland

Jerzy Fedorowski


Sixteen rugose coral species, two known previously, nine new, three left in open nomenclature, and two identified as affinis, are described from the early Serpukhovian strata of the Lublin area, eastern Poland. Rugose corals of that age here are described for the first time from Poland. New genera include Birkenmajerites, Chelmia and Occulogermen. New species include: Axisvacuus tenerus, Birkenmajerites primus, Chelmia radiata, Nervophyllum lukoviensis, Occulogermen luciae, Rotiphyllum plumeum, ?Sochkineophyllum symmetricum, Zaphrentites rotiphylloides and, Zaphrufimia anceps. A brief analysis of the taphonomy, possible relationships and geographical connections of the corals described here to rugose coral faunas from adjacent areas also is included.

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