K-Ar dating of bentonite diagenesis in accretionary-wedge turbidites: case study from Western Outer Carpathians

Anna Świerczewska, Zbyszek Paul, Michał Banaś, Antek K. Tokarski


Sixteen bentonite layers of Eocene–Oligocene age were sampled at thirteen sites in accretionary-wedge turbidite sequences, in the three innermost nappes of the Western Outer Carpathians. K-Ar dating was carried out for five of these layers to obtain the maximum burial ages. All of the ages obtained are older than the stratigraphic ages of the host strata. This relationship is due to significant contamination of the bentonites with non-authigenic minerals. This contamination resulted from rapid sedimentation during synsedimentary folding, which is a common feature in accretionary wedges. It follows that the K-Ar dating of bentonite layers in the turbidite sequences of accretionary wedges should be largely restricted to the very distal facies of turbidites or to pelitic intercalations within the turbidites.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.14241/asgp.2014.003