Time-domain electromagnetic method in geological research

Wojciech Klityński, Michał Stefaniuk, Juliusz Miecznik


This paper describes the theoretical basis of the time-domain electromagnetic method (TDEM) and its application in geological research. The paper discusses the behavior of the electromagnetic field of pulse current sources (magnetic dipole) in the near zone. The problem of the penetration depth of the TDEM method is discussed, in the context of its application in geological research and to gas exploration in the Rudka Gas Field, located in the Carpathian Foredeep. The TDEM sounding curves from the Rudka Field and the influence of noise on the penetration depth are discussed. A 1-D Occam inversion of TDEM soundings was obtained for a profile across the borehole A-10. An integrated (TDEM and borehole) interpretation of the data was made and a 2-D resistivity cross-section was obtained along the profile, as a contribution to geological reconnaissance for gas prospecting.

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