The Lubliniec Fracture Zone: boundary of the Upper Silesia and Malopolska Massifs, southern Poland

Anna Morawska


Strefa rozłamu Lublińca: granica masywów górnośląskiego i małopolskiego

The Paleozoic complexes at the northern margin of the Upper Silesian Coal Basin (USCB) subcrop under thin cover of Mesozoic rocks. They have been pierced by many boreholes. Nevertheless, their geologic structure is not fully understood. Integration of geological, geophysical and cartographic data including teledetection allowed to make a complex structural analysis. A discontinuous structure of E-W trend has been localised in the Paleozoic and basement strata and referred to as the Lubliniec Fracture Zone. It is marked by an en echelon pattern of geophysical lineaments (gaps and displacements).The latter have been formed due to complex wrench movements of crustal blocks bordering this zone. The position of the Lubliniec Fracture Zone suggests the following structural connections: 1) it makes a boundary between the crustal blocks - the Małopolska and Upper Silesian massifs; 2) it possibly links the Odra lineament in the west with the Kraków lineament in the east; 3) a watershed runs along this deep fault zone between Odra and Warta river basins, which points to longlasting tectonic activity and neotectonic processes.

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