Neaguammina n.gen., a new agglutinated foraminiferal genus from the Lower Cretaceous of DSDP Site 263 (Indian Ocean)

Michael A. Kaminski, Ann E. L. Holbourn, Stanisław Geroch


Neaguammina n.gen., nowy rodzaj w obrębie otwornic aglutynujących z dolnej kredy Oceanu Indyjskiego (DSDP, "Site 263")

The new genus Neaguammina n.gen. is proposed for organically-cemented prolixoplectid foraminifera with trochospiral-triserial-biserial coiling and an interiomarginal aperture. We believe that many taxa that have formerly been assigned to the genus Gaudryina can now be placed in Neaguammina n.gen.

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