New species of paleogene deep-water agglutinated Foraminifera from the North Sea and Norwegian Sea

Felix M. Gradstein, Michael A. Kaminski


Nowe gatunki głębokowodnych otwornic aglutynujących z osadów Morza Północnego i Morza Norweskiego

We describe the following five new taxa of agglutinated benthic foraminifera from Paleogene bathyal shales of the North Sea and Norwegian Sea: Annectina biedai n.sp. (Eocene-Oligocene), Reophanus berggreni n.sp. (Eocene-Lower Oligocene), Ammoanita ingerlisae n.sp. (lower part of upper Paleocene), Conotrochammina voeringensis n.sp. (Campanian-lower-middle Eocene), and Cystammina sveni n.sp. (Campanian-middle Eocene). Additionally, Conotrochammina whangaia Finlay is described from the Norwegian Sea region for the first time. Insculptarenula aff. subvesicidaris in the Paleocene of the North Sea may be a new species in the plexus of Cretaceous through Paleogene globorotaliid-like trochamminids. Insculptarenula subvesicularis Homola & Hanzlikova from the Albian of the Carpathians is discussed. Reophanus berggreni n.sp., Anectina biedai n.sp. and Conotrochammina voeringensis n.sp. are not known from strata outside the North Sea-Norwegian Sea region. The stratigraphie ranges of the new taxa are useful additions to the subsurface biozonation of the North Sea and offshore Norway.

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