Actinaraeopsis ventosiana, a new scleractinian species from the Lower Cretaceous of Provence (SE France)

Elżbieta Morycowa, Jean-Pierre Masse


Actinaraeopsis ventosiana, nowy gatunek koralowca sześciopromiennego (Scleractinia) z wczesnej kredy Prowansji (SE Francja)

Actinaraeopsis ventosiana is a new scleractinian coral species from the Lower Cretaceous shallow- water limestones of the Mont Ventoux (Provence, SE France). To date only two Late Jurassic species of this genus have been known, i.e. Actinaraeopsis araneola Roniewicz and A. exilis Roniewicz. The new species shows some similarity to the Jurassic species A. araneola, but differs in microstructure details and morphometric parameters.

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