Geology of Krynica Spa, Western Outer Carpathians, Poland

Nestor Oszczypko, Witold Zuchiewicz


Budowa geologiczna Krynicy-Zdroju

Krynica Spa is situated in the southern part of the Magura Nappe, at the boundary between the Bystrica and Krynica subunits. The Bystrica succession is composed of the Middle to Upper Eocene strata of the Magura Formation, while the Krynica succession is built up of the Palaeocene through Middle Eocene strata that belong to the Szczawnica, Zarzecze and Magura formations. The Bystrica and Krynica subunits contact along a sub-vertical, NE-dipping fault. In the study area, several NE-trending transversal faults cut both the Bystrica and Krynica subunits into several blocks. The Krynica area is seismically active, as shown by the most recent, moderate- intensity earthquakes which occurred in 1992-1993, of epicentres situated NE of Krynica Spa. The region is rich in natural mineral water springs which are confined to a tectonic block bounded by the Tylicz and Krynica faults.

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