Dated landslides of the Jaworzyna Krynicka Range (Polish Carpathians) and their relation to climatic phases of the Holocene

Włodzimierz Margielewski


Datowane osuwiska Pasma Jaworzyny Krynickiej (Karpaty Zewnętrzne) i ich związek z fazami klimatycznymi holocenu

Ten radiocarbon datings of landslides of the Jaworzyna Krynicka Range, were performed to establish the date o f their formation or rejuvenation. These datings widen the documentation of the landslide phases connected with humid periods o f the Holocene. Several dates correspond to landslide phases and prove that the landslides were formed at the beginning o f the Atlantic Phase, termination o f the Subboreal Phase, in the Middle Ages and at the beginning of the Little Ice Age. A landslide phase of mass movement intensification connected with a humid phase at the beginning o f the Subboreal Phase is based on two radiocarbon datings. Five radiocarbon dates confirm the relationship between mass movement intensification and a humid phase distinguished at early Subatlantic Phase.

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