Lithofacies and sedimentation of the Badenian (Middle Miocene) gypsum in the northern part of the Carpathian foredeep, Southern Poland

Alicja Kasprzyk


Litofacje i sedymentacja osadów siarczanowych badenu (środkowy miocen) w północnej części Zapadliska Przedkarpackiego

The Badenian sulphate sediments are represented by primary gypsum (crystalline selenitic gypsum, massive gypsum, and clastic gypsum), secondary gypsum and anhydrite. Great variety of lithofacies and sedimentary structures is characteristic of the primary gypsum. The studied sediments were laid down in changing conditions - from subaqueous (deep-water to shallow-water) to subaerial, in salinas, and in sabkhas on a gently inclined (< 1°) evaporite ramp o f distinct relief. The sequence o f lithofacies - a through r - distinguished in the gypsum sections, is indicative of a general regression, and it includes 6 sedimentary cycles.

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