Late Cretaceous submarine slump in the Inoceramian Beds of Magura nappe at Szczawa, Polish West Carpathians

Marek Cieszkowski, Nestor Oszczypko, Witold Zuchiewicz


Późnokredowe osuwisko podmorskie w warstwach inoceramowych jednostki magurskiej w Szczawie (polskie Karpaty Zachodnie)

A huge submarine slump, 35 m thick, occurs in the Upper Cretaceous (Senonian) Inoceramian Beds in the Szczawa village, Polish West Carpathians. The slump body consists of four scales and of overturned folds, imbricated and pinching out. Source area of the slumped material was situated on the southern slope of the Magura basin. This and other slumps in the lower part of the Inoceramian Beds of the Nowy Sącz facies unit are probably related to synsedimentary tectonic movements.

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