Variation in δ13C and δ18O in late Jurassic carbonates, Submediterranean Province, Europe

Andrzej Pisera, Muharrem Satir, Michał Gruszczyński, Antoni Hoffman, Krzysztof Małkowski


δ13C i δ18O w późnojurajskich wapieniach Prowincji Submedyterrańskiej (Europa)

Carbon and oxygen stable isotopic relationships have been investigated in brachiopod shell and bulk carbonate rock samples from late Jurassic strata of Spain, southern Germany, and southern Poland. The results show, first, an increase in δ13C by approximately 1‰ up to +3‰ in the Upper Oxfordian and, then, a decline back to the original values in the Kimmeridgian. There is tremendous geographic and temporal variation in δ18O. These data suggest a substantial, though presumably local or at most regional, transient influx of nutrient- and carbon dioxide-rich waters onto the shelf.

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