Ignacy J. T. Krause (1887-1978)

Wojciech Narębski


Ing. Ignacy J. T. Krause died tin Poznań on 20 May 1978 at the age of 91 years. He graduated in mining and geology in 1909 at the Mining Academy in Freiberg (Sa) and for 6 years was carrying out geological exploration works in the Sunda archipelago (especially Sumatra and Java). After his return to Poland in 1914, ing. I. Krause considerably contributed to the development of mining, industry and trade in home country and to the increase of trade relations With France, Great Britain and the United States of America. Besides, he was the founder and president of the Polish-English Society. During the Nazii occupation he was active in preserving Poland’s industrial potential. After the World War II, ing. I. Krause was one of the first advocates of restoration of the Poznań International Fares and organized some Polish 'commercial exhibitions in France. The last period of his life were devoted mainly to translations of West European technical and scientific literature and collecting of historical materials. Ing. I. J. T. Krause was one of the oldest members of the Geological Society of Poland.

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