Poziomy nannoplanktonu wapiennego w paleogenie Polskich Karpat Zachodnich

Andrzej Radomski


Calcareous nannoplankton zones in Palaeogene of the Western Polish Carpathians

W paleogenie polskich Karpat Zachodnich wyróżniono 7 poziomów nannoplanktonu i przeprowadzono ich korelację z stratygrafią opartą na otwornicach. W części systematycznej podano opisy występujących gatunków.

In the present paper the stratigraphic position of nannoplankton zones in the Western Polish Carpathians is discussed. In order to make possible the correlation of the nannoplankton zones with the stratigraphy based on Foraminifera the samples used in the present study were collected at localities from which Foraminifera assemblages were described. For detailed lists of species and discussion of the established age the reader is refrred to the bibliography given for each locality. In the case of unpublished data the most important species are cited in the polish text. If not stated otherwise these Foraminifera were identified by doc. dr S. Geroch.

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