Metasomatic processes along the contact of the ore-bearing dolomite with limestones (Olkusz mine, Cracow-Silesian Zn-Pb ore district)

Ksenia Mochnacka, Maria Sass-Gustkiewicz


Procesy metasomatyczne na kontakcie dolomitów kruszconośnych z wapieniami w złożu rud cynku i ołowiu kopalni Olkusz

The paper presents the preliminary results of microscopic examinations of contact-relationships between the ore-bearing dolomite and limestones in the Triassic of the Cracow-Silesian region. The alterations observed include: dissolution, recrystallization of limestones and dedolomitization of the ore-bearing dolomite. Such alterations represent incipient stages of the main sulfide mineralization in karst cavities and are explained in terms of interference between hot mineralizing solutions and cold meteoric waters.

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