Ferromanganese nodules in the western Carpathian flysch deposits of Poland

Irena Gucwa, Tadeusz Wieser


Konkrecje żelazomanganowe w osadach fliszowych zachodnich Karpat Polski

The examined ferromanganese-oxide, -carbonate and phosphate-rich nodules reveal pronounced differences in mineral and chemical composition, structure and origin. They may be classified as follows: 1 — small, goethite-todorokite- birnessits nodules of compact structure; 2 — large goethite+pyrolusite and hematite nodules of cellular structure, seicondary after oligonite ones; 3 — large oligonite, Ca-rhodochrosite or mixed nodules of compact structure; 4 — small and large francolits or francolite-rhodochrosite nodules of compact structure. Trace element contents are rather low and there is no significant correlation between major, minor and trace elements (excluding Al/Cr and inconspicuous Fe/Cu interdependence).

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