Dolnokarboński flisz (kulm) w rejonie Głubczyc

Rafał Unrug


Lower Carboniferous Flysch in the Głubczyce region (Lower Silesia)

The following lithostratigraphic units are established in the Lower Carboniferous flysch sequence cropping out in the region of Głubczyce: the lower unit — the Horni Benesov Formation consisting of greywackes and conglomerates alternating with shales; the middle unit — the Moravice Formation consisting of shales and slates, with two coarse-grained members: the Ciermięcice sandstone member and the Pielgrzymów conglomerate member; the upper unit — the Hradek Formation consisting of greywackes and shales. Formal definitions of these lithostratigraphic units are given. The tectonic structure of the Lower Carboniferous flysch rocks in the Głubczyce region is described.

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