O prirodie swiazej geofizyczeskich parametrów s fiziczeskimi swojstwami górnych porod i o metodikie ich izuczenija

Naił Zalajev, Tadeusz Rokosz


The relation of geophysical data to the physical properties

The relation of acoustic velocity and electric resistivity to the porosity determined by laboratory methods has been found to be very poor; very poor is also the relation, determined by laboratory methods, of the velocity to the resistivity ratio. In many logs from Rotliegendes it has been observed that the acoustic velocities increase with the increase of natural gamma intensity, it means with increasing amount of clay material, convertly as commonly published in literature. The nature of thds phenomenon is the dispersion of the clay material in the intergranular space, improving the acoustic conductivity of the bed. On the other hand the correlation of the velocities determined by acoustic logs to the resistivities taken from electric logs has been found to be very good. It has been observed that on the well logs data it is possible to establish the relations which are very difficult or impossible to be detected with laboratory data. In the conclusion there is a proposal to study the direct relations of the idata from different logging methods, because these relations should create the basis for log analysis concepts.

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