Intraformational conglomerates in the Gogolin Beds (Middle Triassic, Southern Poland)

Leszek Chudzikiewicz


Śródformacyjne zlepieńce w warstwach gogolińskich

In the limestones of the Gogolin beds intraformational conglomerates have been recorded. The layers of conglomerates consist of organodetrital matrix in which are embedded limestone pebbles. Pebbles are made up chiefly of micrite, rarely of detrital or detrital-skeletal limestone. There is a substantial similarity between this material and that of Siome layers in the profile of the Gogolin beds. Pebbles are flat and discoidal. The origin of pebbles is connected with submarine erosion. During erosion, the bottom sediment was more or less consolidated. The lowering of the wave base during periodically recurring storms or the action of bottom currents may have been responsible for the erosion. It seems that the pebbles reached the area of deposition together with the material making up their matrix. Such transport may have been in the form of flow of calcareous mud with a great amount of organic detritus.

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