Goniatitina from the Upper Visean (Gałęzice Syncline, Holy Cross Mts)

Halina Żakowa


Goniatitina z serii wapiennej i wapienno-iłowcowej górnego wizenu synkliny gałęzickiej (Góry Świętokrzyskie)

The organodetritic and organogenic limestones under study have been assigned to Go[alfa] Zone and Go[beta](mu) Subzone. In the systematic part the following species have been described: Goniatites crenistria Phill., G. ex gr. crenistria Phill., G. sphaericostriatus Bisat, G. robustus Mooreet Hod., G. cf. mucronatus (Knоpp), Goniatites sp., Muensteroceras truncatum (Phill.), M. sp. cf. journieri (Delépine) , Nomismoceras vittiger (Phill.) , Glyphiolobus pseudodiscrepans (Moore). Correlation of discussed profiles is based on both paleontological and geological investigations.

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