Variability of the Rotliegend sandstones in the Polish part of the Southern Permian Basin - permeability and porosity relationships

Jadwiga Jarzyna, Edyta Puskarczyk, Maria Bała, Bartosz Papiernik


The Lower Jurassic Adnet type red limestones and marlstones (Kliny Limestone Member, Huciska Limestone Formation) of the Krížna unit in the Tatra Mountains comprise cephalopod fauna represented by ammonites, belemnites and rarely by nautiloids. Ammonites belong to the families Phyloceratidae, Lytoceratidae, Hildoceratidae and Dactylioceratidae and indicate Early Toarcian Serpentinum Zone, Middle Toarcian Bifrons Zone (most probably Sublevisoni and Bifrons Subzones) and Late Toarcian Pseudoradiosa Zone. Hence, the age of Adnet type deposits may be estimated as Early Toarcian-Late Toarcian. Relatively moderate diversity of ammonite assemblage is noticed. Ammonites and nautiloids are preserved mainly as internal moulds, only some specimens display preserved calcified shells. Part of this macrofauna has resedimented character. Studied ammonite assemblage is closely related to that of the Mediterranean Province.

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