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Machalski, Marcin

  • Vol 42, No 1-2 (1992) - Articles
    A new salenioid echinoid, Salenia sigillata pozaryskae subsp.n., from the uppermost Maastrichtian of the Middle Vistula Valley, Central Poland
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  • Vol 37, No 1-2 (1987) - Articles
    Faunal condensation and mixing in the•uppermost Maastrichtian/Danian Greensand (Middle Vistula Valley, Central Poland)
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  • Vol 34, No 3-4 (1984) - Articles
    A new littoral locality within the Middle Miocene (Badenian) Korytnica Basin (Holy Cross Mountains, Central Poland)
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  • Vol 44, No 3-4 (1994) - Articles
    Arthropod trackways, “Diplichnites” triassicus (LINCK, 1943), from the Lower Triassic (Buntsandstein) fluvial deposits of the Holy Cross Mts, Central Poland
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