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Matyja, Bronisław Andrzej

  • Vol 36, No 1-3 (1986) - Articles
    Developmental polymorphism in Oxfordian ammonites
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  • Vol 36, No 4 (1986) - Articles
    Glypheoid lobsters, Glyphea (Glyphea) muensteri (Voltz), from the Oxfordian deposits of the Central Polish Uplands
    Abstract  PDF
  • Vol 22, No 2 (1972) - Articles
    Holothurian sclerites from the Oxfordian limestones of the Holy Cross Mts
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  • Vol 43, No 3-4 (1993) - Articles
    The Amoeboceras faunas in the Middle Oxfordian - lowermost Kimmeridgian, Submediterranean succession, and their correlation value
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  • Vol 45, No 1-2 (1995) - Articles
    Biogeographic differentiation of the Oxfordian and Early Kimmeridgian ammonite faunas of Europe, and its stratigraphic consequences
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  • Vol 47, No 1-2 (1997) - Articles
    The quest for a unified Oxfordian/Kimmeridgian boundary: implications of the ammonite succession at the turn of the Bimammatum and Planula Zones in the Wieluń Upland, Central Poland
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