New data on chondrichthyan microremains from the Givetian of the Renanué section in the Aragonian Pyrenees (Spain)

Michał Ginter, Jau-Chyn Liao, Jose Ignacio Valezuela-RÍios


The continued investigations on the Middle Devonian part (Givetian, Middle through Upper Polygnathus varcus conodont Zones) of the section near the Renanué village in the Aragonian Pyrenees, Spain, brought twelve teeth of chondrichthyan taxa typical of the so-called “Omalodus shark assemblage” (Omalodus grabaui, Phoebodus fastigatus, Ph. sophiae, and probably Antarctilamna sp., the first record of Antarctilamna from the Givetian of Europe) previously known from a few places in Laurussia and North Gondwana. This taxonomic composition resembles the most that of the North Evans Limestone from NewYork. The species represent three different families and orders: Omalodontidae nov. (Omalodontiformes), Phoebodontidae (Phoebodontiformes), and Antarctilamnidae nov. (Antarctilamniformes nov.). In addition to the teeth of the listed taxa, several chondrichthyan scales of the “ctenacanth” type were found.


Chondrichthyans; Taxonomy; Devonian; Givetian; Pyrenees

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