A new occurrence of sharks in the Menilite Formation (Lower Oligocene) from the Outer (Flysch) Carpathians of Poland

Malgorzata Bienkowska-Wasiluk, Andrzej Radwanski


Two newly recognized sections (jamna dolna 2 and wola Czudecka) of the Lower Oligocene Menilite shales (Menilite Formation) in the Polish Outer (Flysch) Carpathians have recently yielded a small shark assemblage. it comprises teeth of Heptranchias howelli (reed, 1946), not hitherto reported from europe, as well as the remains of other sharks (teeth of ?Mitsukurina, Alopias, gillrakers of Cetorhinus) all contributing to the fish assemblage of the Carpathian Menilite Formation, which has long been famous mostly for its teleost content. the life environment of the studied sharks and the basin bottom conditions are briefly discussed.


Hexanchoid sharks; “Notidanus”; Heptranchias; Menilite shales/Formation; Oligocene; Outer Carpathians; Poland

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