Small theropod and ornithopod footprints in the Late Jurassic of Poland

Gerard D. Gierlinski, Grzegorz Niedzwiedzki, Piotr Nowacki


Late Jurassic material of small theropod and ornithopod dinosaur footprints are reported from the northeastern slope of the Holy cross Mountains, Poland. the ichnites occur in five lithostratigraphical units of an epicontinental basin in central Poland. Small theropod tracks, Wildeichnus isp. and Jialingpus isp., came from the bałtów Platy Limestones, bałtów coral Limestones and wierzbica oolite and Platy Limestones. Four specimens of small ornithopod footprints, assigned to Dinehichnus isp., were found in the błaziny oolite Limestones and wierzbica oolite and Platy Limestones. a medium-sized ornithopod footprint, identified as cf. Dinehichnus isp., was discovered in the ożarów oolite and Platy Limestones. the described footprints from the Upper Jurassic of Poland are smaller than similar types of ichnites from other parts of the world. the Polish Late Jurassic dinosaur community probably represented a diminutive insular fauna.


dinosaur footprints; Late Jurassic; Holy cross Mountains; Poland

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