Rare Earth Element mobility in a weathering profile – a case study from the Karkonosze Massif (SW Poland)

Luiza Galbarczyk-Gasiorowska


The rare earth element (REE) contents of soils were determined to study the behaviour of REE in the weathering profile. The bedrock for the soils was the Karkonosze granite. A five-step extraction scheme was conducted on six soil profiles in order to determine the ability of REE to be released to the environment. Sequential extraction indicated that the REE are mostly concentrated in the organic and Fe–Mn oxyhydroxide soil fraction. Heavy REE appear to be more leachable than light REE. The change in concentration has been determined using the Nesbitt and Markovics formula. The soils from the soil profiles are enriched in REE in comparison to the parent rock.


Sequential extraction; Rare earth elements; Weathering; Soil

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