Early Cretaceous ammonites from the Butkov Quarry (Manín Unit, Central Western Carpathians, Slovakia)

Zdenek Vasicek


The taxonomic and stratigraphic study of rich ammonite material from the Lower Cretaceous deposits of the Butkov Quarry, near Ladce (Manín Unit, Slovak Central Carpathians) is presented. More than 55 ammonite species are recognised and twenty-one biostratigraphically significant ammonite species are described, with one species, Sarasinella subdensicostata, described as new. the recognised taxa document an interval from the Upper Valanginian through to the Lower Hauterivian. the ammonite assemblage represents the Mediterranean bioprovince, with only a single species, Dichotomites evolutus, from the Boreal bioprovince.a new ammonite zone, the Teschenites flucticulus Zone, is proposed for the basal Hauterivian in the Western Carpathians.


Western Carpathians; Manín Unit; Upper Valanginian; Lower Hauterivian; ammonites

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