Trace fossil Cruziana tenella from the Furongian (Upper Cambrian) deposits of Poland

Grzegorz Sadlok


A minute, bilobate ribbon-like trace fossil, assigned to the ichnospecies Cruziana tenella, is recorded for the first time from Furongian (Upper Cambrian) strata of the Wiśniówka Formation exposed in the Wiśniówka Wielka quarry, Holy Cross Mountains, central Poland. The collected material of C. tenella is interpreted as arthropod pascichnia trails. a significant gap in size distribution and morphology between C. tenella and other Cruziana trails from Wiśniówka Wielka suggests that the former cannot be regarded as produced by juveniles of the biotaxa responsible for the latter. C. tenella from Wiśniówka Wielka was most probably produced by arthropods reaching  a small adult size.


Trace fossil; Cruziana; Furongian; Cambrian; Wiśniówka Formation; Poland.

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