Pelagic chondrichthyan microremains from the Upper Devonian of the Kale Sardar section, eastern Iran

Vachik Hairapetian, Michal Ginter


An assemblage of fifteen taxa of chondrichthyan microremains from late Frasnian through late Famennian pelagic deposits of the Kale Sardar section, eastern Iran, is described. Several taxa (Phoebodus bifurcatus, Phoebodus sophiae and Protacrodus vetustus) are reported for the first time from Iran. the presence of Deihim mansureae and Ph. sophiae in the Late rhenana to linguiformis Zones and Phoebodus rayi in the early triangularis Zone of the Kale Sardar section, provides new biostratigraphic information. the late Frasnian part of the assemblage corresponds to the faunas from the intrashelf basins of central europe, and the middle–late Famennian part is comparable to that from the tafilalt Platform of Morocco.


chondrichthyes; teeth; Scales; Devonian; Frasnian; Famennian; eastern Iran

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