Barremian and EarlyAptian ammonites from the Godula Facies of the Silesian Unit in the OuterWestern Carpathians, Czech Republic

Zdenek Vasicek


The Early Cretaceous ammonites from the Hradiště Formation Wernsdorfer Schichten in original concept) in the Czech part of the Silesian Unit of the Outer (Flysch)Western Carpathians are described. This rich material, collected over more than 40 years, includes many usually fragmentarily preserved ammonites. The majority of specimens are preserved as “half-ammonoids”; a small portion of them have pyritized inner whorls with preserved suture lines. 15 species-level taxa are described, partly in open nomenclature. One species, ?Valdedorsella hoheneggeri, is described as new; albeit its generic classification remains uncertain. The ammonites described span the late Early Barremian (Niclesia pulchella ammonite Zone) to basal Aptian (Deshayesites oglanlensis ammonite Zone).


Outer Western Carpathians, Silesian Unit, Lower Cretaceous, Ammonites, Biostratigraphy

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