Ammonites and associated macrofauna from the early LateAlbian of the Zippelsförde 1/64 core, NE-Germany

Jens Lehmann, Karl-Armin Tröger, Hugh G. Owen


The macrofaunal content of an exceptionally fossiliferous Late Albian core section is described from Zippelsförde in the Brandenburg district in eastern Germany. The main faunal horizon includes among others Euhoplites vulgaris, Mortoniceras (Deiradoceras) albense, Neohibolites minimus, Inoceramus cf. anglicus and Actinoceramus sulcatus. This assemblage indicates a Hysteroceras varicosum Zone, Hysteroceras orbignyi Subzone age. That interval is known from the Anglo-Paris as well as from the Lower Saxony Basin in western Germany, but not was previously recorded from the North East German Basin. Therefore, the record fills a palaeogeographical gap between the Albian in the Carpathians and that of Central Europe. The superjacent interval contains Aucellina gryphaeoides, dating it as latest Albian (Mortoniceras (M.) inflatum Zone, late C. auritus Subzone or younger), and thus indicating a significant condensation within the Late Albian. 


Early Cretaceous, Albian, Biostratigraphy, E-Germany, Borehole, Correlation, Macrofauna, Ammonites

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