Biostratygrafia dewonu górnego z profilu wiercenia Chojnice 2 (Pomorze Zachodnie)

Hanna Matyja


Biostratigraphy of the Upper Devonian from the borehole Chojnice 2 (Western Pomerania)

On the presence of brachiopods and conodonts, the stratigraphic position of the Upper Devonian deposits from the Chojnice 2 borehole profile has been revised and referred to the conodont horizons Palmatolepis rhombidea, P. quadrantinodosa and possibly also the Scaphignathus velifera horizon. In ammonite classification these horizons correspond to the upper part of the Cheiloceras and Platyclymenia horizons (to II¢ - to III¢). The deposits here discussed were previously regarded as Strunian - the Wocklumeria zone. One new conodont species bas been described.

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