Prekambr i kambr wyniesienia Łeby (NW Polska)

Wiesław Bednarczyk


The Precambrian and Cambrian of the Łeba elevation (NW Poland)

 The oldest rocks to have been reached within the Łeba elevation are the Lower Proterozoic granite-gneisses locally overlaid by greenstones and diabases representing the younger Proterozoic. The Eocambrian sand-arkose series, correlated with the Nexo sandstones from Bornholm, covered the morphologically differentiated land and its sedimentation was accompanied by volcanism. The Cambrian, bearing a distinctly Scandinavian type of fauna, is incomplete because of the lack of the stage Paradoxides forchhammeri and the Acerocare horizon. The gaps observed in the Cambrian of the Łeba elevation are connected with the Sardinian orogeny and the Old Caledonian Sandomirian phase.

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