Karbon wyniesienia Kocka

Krystyna Korejwo, Lech Teller


The Carboniferous of the Kock elevation

 Thirteen boreholes have been drilled between 1962 and 1971 in the vicinity of the Kock elevation. Ten of them have pierced the Carboniferous strata (Fig. 1). The stratigraphy of eight of these boreholes, drilled by the Oil Prospecting Enterprise, are being reported here.
The remaining two boreholes were not accessible to the writers, but their basic stratigraphic features do not substantially differ from those here described. It has been observed that in the particular profiles the Devonian or the Silurian is overlaid by the Dinantian which commences with the tuffoidal series. This is transgressively overlaid by the Upper Vis¾an, while various Silesian members are covered by the Middle Jurassic.

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