On some Late Turonian and Early Coniacian (Upper Cretaceous) heteromorph ammonites from Germany

Frank Wiese


Five heteromorph ammonite taxa belonging to the Nostoceratidae and the Diplomoceratidae are described from the Upper Turonian and Lower Coniacian of northern Germany and Saxony. The investigation serves the presentation of additional material of Hyphantoceras flexuosum, Neocrioceras paderbornense and Scalarites turoniense that are rarely documented in northern Germany and Saxony. Furthermore, one new species, Hyphantoceras ernsti sp. n., is introduced. One taxon is described in open nomenclature as nostoceratid gen. et sp. indet.


Upper Cretaceous, Germany, Turonian, Coniacian, Ammonite Taxonomy, Nostoceratidae, Diplomoceratidae

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