Lofer-type cyclothems in the Upper Devonian of the Holy Cross Mts. (central Poland)

Stanisław Skompski, Michał Szulczewski


Numerous horizons of carbonates changed by karstic and soil-forming processes have been recognised in upper part of the Frasnian carbonate succession in southern part of the Holy Cross Mts. These layers are included in peritidal cyclothems, characterised by mostly deepening upward pattern, similarly to the typical Triassic Lofer cyclothems. The irregular cyclothemic intervals are restricted to an interior part of the isolated, reef- and shoalrimmed Dyminy carbonate platform. The Lofer-type cyclicity correlates with syndepositional block-faulting and associated seismic shock induced features, recognised in marginal parts of the platform. The most appropriate explanation of cyclicity is differentiated, tectonically controlled subsidence of Dyminy platform, according to the stick-slip faulting model proposed by CISNE (1986) for explanation of deepening-upward cyclicity in Dachstein Formation.


Devonian, Carbonate platforms, Syndepositional block-faulting, Cyclicity

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