Upper Maastrichtian ammonites and nannofossils and a Palaeocene nautiloid from Richards Bay, Kwa Zulu, South Africa

Herbert Klinger, William James Kennedy, Jackie A. Lees, Stephen Kitto


Temporary exposures of Upper Maastrichtian to Palaeocene sediments of the Richard Bay area, Kwa Zulu, yielded Maastrichtian and Danian cephalopod faunas. The lower Upper Maastrichtian assemblage, dated to nannofossil standard biozone CC25b, or UC20aTP of BURNETT (1998), is: Anagaudryceras politissimum (KOSSMAT, 1895), Pseudophyllites indra (FORBES, 1846) (abundant), Desmophyllites diphylloides (FORBES, 1846), Pachydiscus (P.) australis HENDERSON & MCNAMARA, 1985, Menuites fresvillensis (SEUNES, 1890), Diplomoceras cylindraceum (DEFRANCE, 1816), Baculites ambatryensis COLLIGNON, 1971, Eubaculites carinatus (MORTON, 1834), and E. latecarinatus (BRUNNSCHWEILER, 1966). The Danian yields a monospecific assemblage of Hercoglossa  madagascariensis COLLIGNON, 1951. The Maastrichtian assemblage has strong similarities to the lower Upper Maastrichtian fauna of the Miria Formation of Western Australia, and is made up of cosmopolitan and latitudinally restricted taxa: there are no endemic elements.


Cretaceous, Maastrichtian, Palaeocene, Ammonites, Nannofossils, Nautiloids, South Africa

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