Biostratygrafia famenu z profilu wiercenia Chojnice 4 (Pomorze Zachodnie)

Hanna Matyja


Biostratigraphy of the Famennian from the borehole Chojnice4 (Western Pomerania)

The stratigraphic position of Upper Devonian sediments from column Chojnice 4 has been more closely determined on the basis of conodont and brachiopod fauna, referred to the conodont Palmatolepsis marginifera and Scaphignatus velifer Zones. In the ammonite division they correspond to the uppermost part of the Cheiloceras and Platyclymenia (do IIβ – do IIIβ) Zones. Łobanowski (1968) tentatively assigned them to the Upper Devonian (? Frasnian) deposits. The occurrence has been observed of the species Polygnathus semicostatus Branson and Mehl in the Palmatolepis marginifera Zone. One new cocodont form from the genus Polygnathus has been described.

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