Sedymentacja pstrego piaskowca w niecce północnosudeckiej

Jerzy Mroczkowski


Sedimentation of the Bunter in the Northsudetic Basin

An account is here given of the results of investigations of the Bunter in the Northsudetic Basin. The analyses comprised the composition of the Bunter, the origin of the detrital material, its transport directions and sedimentary environment. Observations show the Bunter to be represented mainly by quartz sandstones with slight admixtures of non-stabile minerals and rock fragments. This material is largely due to the reworking of Zechstein deposits and comes from the crystalline rocks of the Karkonosze block and the Strzegom massif. It had been transported northwards by streams of the braided river type down a gently sloping plain. Changes in the composition of the Bunter sandstones are not connected with the various lithostratigraphic horizons or various fecies to which they belonged but were caused by their position in relation to the source area.

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